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West African Drum & Dance Classes

Joh dancing

Joh teaches weekly classes!

Master dancer and drummer Joh Camara teaches West African drum and dance classes every week in the Boston area, as well as occasional special workshops in New England and elsewhere.

Drum Classes

Come experience the drumming traditions of Mali, Guinea, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. African drumming is a healing science and art form that reflects the culture of Africa. Students will learn rhythmic patterns, hand/stick coordination, and the musical tones of the djembe and dundun drums. Both drums are made of wood, animal skin, string, and metal rings. The djembe is played with hands and the dundun is played with sticks. Each class will include a drum warm-up, history about the rhythm, breakdown of hand/stick pattern and coordination, and a high-energy practice. Students will also learn the song associated with each rhythm. Other traditional African instruments [talking drum, bell] will be introduced. Students should bring a drum [djembe or dundun]. Drums are available for a $3.00 rental fee, which covers the cost of maintenance. If the skin breaks, students are required to pay for the skin replacement and repair fee, which usually totals about $90.00.

Dance Classes

Learn the dances of Mali, Guinea and Ivory Coast and dance to live drumming at one of the most energetic classes offered in New England. Students will benefit from Joh's masterful teaching for all levels of dancers. Come experience drummers playing the djembe and djun-djun drums while people dance and sing to the rhythms. This class introduces students to the spiritual, social, psychological, and physical healing of traditional West African dance. Students will develop body strength and flexibility by learning intricate feet patterns, hand movements, and body techniques. Each class will include a warm-up, break-down of the movements, and high energy dancing, and will close with a community dance circle.

Drum Class Schedule

Drum classes are on hold until a suitable space is found.

Dance Class Schedule

Sundays 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Dance Complex, 536 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
$13 per class

Please call to confirm times and locations.

Joh teaching drumming

Sidi Mohamed Camara
10 Marden Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124
(617) 822-3262

Last modified 11 October 2010