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Joh Camara - Performing Groups



Contemporary: Jama Jigi

The name of Joh's band, Jama Jigi, means “Hope of the People.” Playing original Afrobeats based on contemporary arrangements of traditional West African songs and melodies fused with layers of funk, jazz, blues, and reggae - Jama Jigi's innovative world music captivates the mind, body, and soul. Audiences are invoked by the pumping rhythms, driving drumming, pulsating bass, soaring guitar, and soul-braking solos. The band is comprised of musical artists/professionals representing various cultures and countries - Mali, Poland, the Middle East, and the United States. The leader SIDI MOHAMED CAMARA, popularly known as “Joh,” was born in Bamako, Mali in West Africa. Surrounded by great artists and musicians as a child, he started traditional dance and drumming at the age of five and is now known nationally as a master percussionist. Joh arranges Jama Jigi's music to promote peace and love through songs such as Ladiyaba (Love), Duwa (Blessings), and Kelo (Peace, No Fighting).

Traditional: Troupe Sewa

Performing 8pm April 2 and 3, 2010 at the Dance Complex, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

This professional international ensemble of dancers and musicians offers exciting, masterful performances of traditional West African drumming and dance. Their work is based on traditional rhythms and dance steps, woven together through original stories. Performances often feature special guest performers from premiere traveling dance companies from West Africa.

Solo: Joh

Joh Camara also offers solo lecture/demonstrations on traditional West African music and dance - at schools, museums, and other locations. References are available on request.

Joh playing djembe

Sidi Mohamed Camara
10 Marden Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02124
(617) 822-3262

Last modified 6 March 2010